Soto Sake

Sōtō means ‘outside’ in Japanese, the name is a celebration of the purest elements of the earth – finely polished rice and pristine mountain water. Each bottle comes with a square piece of Japanese denim affixed to the bottle cap. This piece celebrates Japanese denim and of course sake craftsmanship.

Sōtō Saké

Super Premium Junmai Daiginjo

Sōtō is brewed in Niigata Prefecture, recognised by many as the true heart of sake innovation and production in Japan. Sōtō Sake is created from naturally qualitative Niigata ingredients: high quality rice, polished to 50% of its original mass to capture the elegant fragrance and delicate local flavours and pure, sweet water, sourced from the mountains of Niigata. Exclusive yeast that brings out the fresh apple and other sweet flavours.

Alcohol by volume



Nose : Slightly floral, gala apple, lemon
Palate: Sweet and crisp with notes of apple, cucumber and melon zest
Finish: Fruity and intense


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