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Legal notice:  the legal application of the terms and conditions set out below are in the French language and apply under French law.



The website (hereafter ‘the website’) is owned and published by Maison Villevert, a simplified joint-stock company with a share capital of 3,453,155 euros, whose head office is located at Villevert, 16100 Merpins, France. It is registered with the RCS (Trade and Companies Register) at Angoulême under number 524 935 301 and represented by Mr Jean-Sébastien Robicquet in his capacity as chairman.


2.  HOST

The website is hosted by Maison Villevert SAS.



The website is published by Maison Villevert SAS (hereafter ‘Maison Villevert’), a company incorporated under French law with a capital of 3,453,155 euros, whose head office is located at Villevert, 16100 Merpins, France, and is registered with the RCS (Trade and Companies Register) at Angoulême under number 524 935 301.

The use of this website by any person (‘the user’) is governed by these terms and conditions (the ‘website terms and conditions of use’) whose purpose is to define the conditions for accessing and using the website.

By accessing the website, the user unreservedly accepts the terms and conditions of use and the applicable clauses on the protection of personal data (see the privacy policy below).

Maison Villevert reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions and the privacy policy at any time without prior notice.  The user is invited to consult them regularly.

To access the website, the user must be of the legal age for consuming and/or purchasing alcohol in his/her/their country of residence (the older age being applicable). If there is no such legal age in the user’s country of residence, he/she/they must be at least 21 years of age to access the website.

If the user wishes to access the website in a different country from that of his/her/their country of residence, the laws regarding the legal age for the consumption of alcohol in that country apply.





The hardware and software necessary for accessing the website are the responsibility of the user.

Maison Villevert reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate access to all or part of the website or its content, without liability to any form of compensation for the user whatsoever.



The website user confirms that he/she/they:

·         is/are of the legal age required to consume and/or purchase alcohol according to the legislation in his/her/their country of residence (or is over the age of 21);

·         use(s) the website for lawful and personal purposes only;

·         provide(s) accurate information about him/her/themself where/if applicable.

·         use(s) the website in a responsible, respectful manner with regard to other website users, Maison Villevert, its subsidiaries, affiliate companies and any third parties.

It is strictly prohibited for the user to:

·         attempt to gain unauthorised access to the website.

·         make any form of statement or act in the name of or on behalf of Maison Villevert, its subsidiaries or affiliate companies for any reason whatsoever.

·         upload to the website, post, send by email or any other means any element containing software viruses, or computer programmes designed to interrupt, limit or destroy the functioning of any software or telecommunications equipment;

·         disrupt or interrupt the functioning of the website in any way;

·         undermine the functioning of the website, such as by deliberately or otherwise exposing the website to a virus or causing an overload of the bandwith;

·         consult information that is not intended for him/her/them;

·         carry out an illegal activity, or any other activity that would prejudice the rights of the Maison Villevert, its suppliers, service providers, retailers, advertisers or any other persons;

·         upload to the website, post, send by email or any other means content that is illegal, racist, violent, sexist, homophobic, pornographic, harmful, defamatory, offensive, vulgar, obscene, threatening, immoral, in violation of a person’s privacy, derogatory or shocking from a racial or ethnic perspective.

·         Send by email or any other means any content of the website to people who are not of the legal age to consume alcohol in their country of residence.

Where applicable, Maison Villevert reserves the right to terminate access to the website at any time if the user does not comply with the terms and conditions of use and/or any other related document without prejudice to Maison Villevert’s right to claim damages against the user.



The user bears sole responsibility for the content he/she/they post(s) on the website and any subsequent consequences of such publication or dissemination.  Maison Villevert declines all liability for content posted on the website by users within the limits of the applicable legislation.

Maison Villevert reserves the right to decide if content posted by users on the website meets the requirements specified in the terms and conditions of use and to remove any content that does not comply with the terms and conditions of use.

The user accepts that Maison Villevert reserves the right to use, with no restriction, time limitation or charge, any content posted on the website by the user for: publication on the website and/or publication or reproduction via any other channel, for the purposes of promoting and advertising Maison Villevert, its products and/or its services as it sees fit.



The website and each of its constituent elements (notably texts, photographs, illustrations, images, diagrams, logos, trademarks, design, layout, graphics and models) and including the software necessary for the operation of the website (the ‘content’) may contain confidential information and data protected by intellectual property law or any other applicable law. The intellectual property rights over the content are the exclusive property of Maison Villevert and do not grant the user any licence, right to reproduce or any other right other than that of consulting the website within the specified terms and conditions.



Maison Villevert respects the privacy of the user and takes every care with regard to the protection of personal data if transmitted by the user. The privacy policy specifies the provisions put in place with regard to the processing of data. The collection, processing, use, transmission, storing and protection of the user’s personal data are governed by the privacy policy. (See below.)



Maison Villevert makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and updating of the information it publishes on the website.  However, Maison Villevert does not provide any guarantee as to the accuracy, performance or completeness of the information offered on the website.

Maison Villevert allows access to the website free of charge and declines all responsibility for any interruption in the event of computer viruses, display or download errors, or any inaccuracies relating to its published content, or any damage resulting from a fraudulent intrusion by a third party, or any direct or indirect damage whatsoever, whatever the causes or consequences that may occur from any access to the website.



The terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy (below) are governed by French law in the French language.

Any dispute concerning the content or use of the website falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Bordeaux Court of Appeal, including in the event of a claim by a third party, multiple defendants, summary proceedings or on request.



The Maison Villevert’s Internet server automatically collects standard information such as the user’s IP address, browser type, operating system and access times.

Cookies are small electronic files that a website can transfer to a user’s hard drive to identify the user and personalise their use of a website The Maison Villevert website does not use cookies to personalise the content of web pages.  All information collected will be used by Maison Villevert solely to monitor the volume, type and configuration of traffic on the website in order to develop the design and layout of the website and for administrative and planning purposes only.



By providing Maison Villevert with personal information and data, the user consents to their being used and communicated under the conditions set out below:



Via the website, Maison Villevert may collect personal data communicated by the user, in particular with regard to  requests for information (for example:  first name, surname, email address, age, town/city, county/state, country of residence and telephone number).

Any personal information sent by the user to Maison Villevert regarding the use of services is subject to the provisions of French law no. 78-17 Informatique et Libertés of 6 January 1978.



The user has, at any time, the right of access, rectification and removal of his/her/their personal  information and to object to the processing of such data.  The user may also object to his/her/their personal information being used for commercial or marketing purposes by email notification to:



The purposes of data collection:

Via the website, Maison Villevert collects information about the user solely for the following purposes:

·         Managing customer and potential customer relations;

·         Customer segmentation and personalising our services and communications;

·         Transmitting information relating to Maison Villevert and its business;

·         Statistics, studies and analyses, marketing, improving the website, products and services of Maison Villevert.

We invite you to consult the above section ‘Right of access, of rectification, of erasure and to object’

Data retention:

The data is retained solely for the duration necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and is destroyed at the end of this period.

Data recipients:

Maison Villevert is the recipient of the data.

Maison Villevert may share the user’s personal data with other entities of the Maison Villevert group in France and in other countries for the purposes of managing customer/potential customer relations, studies and statistics in accordance with the user’s marketing preferences.

Apart from the cases cited above, Maison Villevert transmits personal data to a third party only when the sharing of such information is strictly necessary for the provision of products or services and/or when Maison Villevert is required by a judicial or administrative authority to communicate such information.

Data security and confidentiality:

Maison Villevert endeavours to ensure every precaution is taken to preserve the confidentiality and security of the personal data collected and processed and to prevent such data from being altered, damaged or destroyed, and from any third party gaining access to such data.

However, Maison Villevert cannot be held liable for risks or consequences associated with the use of the Internet.  The use of the website is entirely at the risk of the user.



Maison Villevert reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.  Maison Villevert will endeavour to inform the user of any changes, either by a notice on the website or by a personalised message in a newsletter if the user has opted to receive newsletters.



Access to the website being governed by the terms and conditions of use, Maison Villevert will not collect personal information or data relating to people who have not reached the legal age for consuming and/or purchasing alcohol according to the legislation in force in their country of residence.


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