Amaro Santoni

Produced in Italy by a family-owned company, the water used in its production comes from the Chianciano terms. The product is composed of sugar, wheat alcohol, natural flavours, plant extracts and spices, infusions and tinctures. Produced with a moderate alcohol level of 16°, Amaro Santoni is fragrant and light, expressing its flavours in a captivating and modern way.

Amaro Santoni

Amaro Santoni is a high quality liqueur based on 34 plants and spices, inspired by one of Gabriello Santoni’s most intimate and personal recipes, created in 1961. The botanicals that make up Amaro are: Chinese Rhubarb, Rose, Iris, Elderflower, Ginseng, Pepper, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Clove, Mint, Sweet Orange, Bitter Orange, Cumin, Artichoke, Coriander, Melissa, Sage, Angelica Root, Rosehip, Tilia, Roman wormwood, Cinchona, Lavender, Hibiscus, Cassia, Galanga, Quassio, Centaurea, Gentian, Juniper, Ginger, Olive leaf, Bay leaf, Wild fennel.


Alcohol by volume



Nose: Amaro offers a complex and rich bouquet of aromas
Palate: A pronounced bitterness
punctuated by a beautiful greediness and sunshine.
Finish: A rich, complex and naturally fruity texture.


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