Creating & producing

From the starting point of evaluating global alcohol consumption trends, and applying creative thinking, Maison Villevert has reinvented classic spirits, further enhanced their qualities and set new trends.  Maison Villevert can produce these carefully crafted creations on a very large scale… and all with the same uncompromising approach to quality.  This insight into the world of spirits means that Maison Villevert’s brands and those developed for partner companies have huge growth potential in the global arena, as well as sharing the French art de vivre.

Just as a renowned perfumer, chef or pâtissier

Just as a renowned perfumer, chef or pâtissier would do, in each of Maison Villevert’s creations, the imagination gets to work in selecting choice ingredients and devising a ‘recipe’.

As a major player in Cognac’s ‘Spirit Valley’, Maison Villevert has been approached by the world’s biggest spirits groups to create new ultra premium products.  Developing a highly original grape-based vodka, gin and vermouth… and knowing exactly which botanicals to favour… are all part of Maison Villevert’s savoir-faire.  And Maison Villevert has the capability to keep on creating and recreating.  The notion of ‘understanding the past to create the future’ is very apt in the creative process – a prime example of which is Maison Villevert’s ‘1495 gin’, which involved working on the original recipe and updating it for the 21st century.  The 1495 recipe was unearthed by renowned gin-ologist Philip Duff, who says: “This recipe is more than just the first chapter in the rich history of gin. It is an important historical recipe for grape-based gin – and at the very origins of this concept.  With their dedicated, meticulous approach and knowledge of wine-growing and wine-making, I knew that the Maison Villevert team would do their research and reinterpret the original recipe using the appropriate traditional, authentic techniques and ingredients.”


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