The best gin & tonic: G’Vine Floraison

As gin aficionados will know – there’s nothing quite like a G&T for highlighting the flavour of the gin.

G’Vine truly excels in this cocktail:  this luxurious grape-based gin has superb smooth, rounded qualities, fresh grape flavours and the delicate floral notes of grape flowers.  Once a year, in June, the vines blossom for a few days only (the floraison period in French).  G’Vine Floraison captures the very essence of this ephemeral and exhilarating fragrance.

The ultimate G&T.


  • 4 cl / ≈ 1⅓ fl oz  G’Vine Floraison
  • Tonic water (such as Schweppes or Fever Tree)



Fill a large wine glass with ice cubes, stir and remove any surplus water.

Add the G’Vine Floraison  (a capful = 4 cl) and top up the glass with a quality tonic water. Garnish with a few white grapes.

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